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Oct/4/2000 to Feb/10/2001

  • Entered Villavallelonga Tree data.
    Genealogy Section.
  • Entered Coat of Arms and brief history of Rocca Di Cerro.
    History Section.
  • Entered a picture of St. leucio that dates to 1747.
    Patron Saint Section.
  • Entered "The Bust of St. Bartholomew" - 400 A.D.
    Patron Saint Section.
  • Entered Villavallelonga ancestor data.
    Genealogy Section.

This site was moved to a new location. The home page is now located at: http://members.home.net/villavallelonga/
I have also registered the name www.villavallelonga.com It is redirected to the above home page.

The alternate location http://stas.net/1/tantalo/ is still active but its purpose is to test and backup the main web site.

Please book mark the new page. Thank You.

  • Entered a narrative for Geography.
    Geography Section.
  • Added several maps, wildlife, horticulture pictures
    Geography section.
  • Added a passenger list from an 1886 Italian Immigrant ship
    Geneology section.
  • Added 7 pictures of Saints
    Patron Saint section.
  • Added St. Anthony the Abbot
    Patron Saint section.
(I'm looking for better quality pictures of the "Saints", if you have any please contact me.)

I am planning the following for this site

  • A "Counter" to keep track of how many times this site has been acccessed
  • A "Search My Site" request
  • The ability for guests to sign in and make comments

If you know how to set up the above, please contact me at "villavallelonga@home.com" .

Suggestions are muchly appeaciated.
Thank you come to this site.

Sebastiano Tantalo
Toronto, Canada
Home Page: www.villavallelonga.com
eMail: villavallelonga@home.com

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