Added more names to the Genealogy Database. We have over 1500 names!!

Raffle tickets for the feast of St. Anthony of Padua at Marylake are on sale.

You can view the first 12 prizes here.
Tickets are $1.00 each or 11 tickets for $10.00. All proceeds go towards the feast of St. Anthony. You can purchase tickets on the day of the feast at Marylake Shrine or before the feast by contacting a member of the committee. You can also email me. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.


Added a detailed road map of La Marsica's south east section. It can be found in the Geography Section or click here. North east section comming soon.

Added more names to the genealogy database. There are now 1450 names.


Added more names to the Genealogy Database. There are now over 1400 names!!
Many thanks to Rosalyn Tantalo-Jobson, Dorotea Palozzi, Innocenza Bianchi, Maria Ferrari and Esi Palozzi

Rosalyn informed me of this link
Access to the Ellis Island passenger lists are now available. I am copying relevant data to this site. The list of TANTALO passengers has been compiled and can be found in the genealogy section.
I will be uploading the PALOZZI passengers next followed by the rest.



Added more names to the Genealogy Database. There are now over 1250 names!!

Added more descendant reports. The current list is as follows.
Let me of errors or if you would like me to post a descendant report on the site not yet listed. THANK YOU..

  1. Bianchi, Antonio - 1825
  2. Bianchi, Ruggiero - 1503
  3. Cocuzzi, Francesco - 1820
  4. Di Cesare, Leonardo, Domenico - 1850
  5. Giancursio, Onorio - 1895
  6. Grande, Loreto - 1850
  7. Novelli, Baron Stanislao - 1800
  8. Palozzi, Antonio - 1824
  9. Palozzi, Isidoro - 1865
  10. Serafini, Angelo - 1872
  11. Tantalo, Francesco - 1825
  12. Tantalo, Leucio "Bello" - 1875
  13. Tantalo, Paolo Domenico - 1845
  14. Tantalo,Vittorio - 1845


Re-designed the web site so that pages load faster.

Created and added a link to the Villavallelonga message board. This is a place where you can post an email message for others to repond. It is a FREE service and as more people subscribe and participate, it will become a great place to chat, meet new people, and share information.
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