I have moved the site to yet another host. now redirects you to the new site located on Everything is functional EXCEPT

  1. The genealogy Entry Form
  2. The Guest Book
  3. Search My Site
  4. Web Site Counter

The above will be fixed next week.

Added the program of events for St Leucio and the prizes for this years raffle. Click Marylake - Canada. If you are interested in purchasing raffle tickets, please email me John Tantalo


I have moved the Villavallelonga web site to another Host. now redirects you to the new site located on I placed a banner ad at the top of each page as a requirement to use their free hosting service. I dislike like banners, but this was the quickest solution. The previous is still working but they are not offering the same services after Sep/17/2001. On a positive note, I will earn $0.10 each time a user clicks the banner on the new site.

Please send me comments on the new format, good and bad. Email: Sebastiano Tantalo

ALSO, we now have over 1900 names in the genealogy database.


Updated the genealogy tree. There are now 1780 names!

Added two more descendant reports in the genealogy section, 1. Raimonte Bianchi and 2. Bernardino Bianchi.


Read what happened at the Feast of St. Anthony! CLICK HERE

If you have pictures of the Mary Lake Picnic you would like to share on the web site, please email me. I will be very happy to upload them to the site. Mary Lake Pictures


Several pictures of yesterday's picnic at Mary Lake Shrine - FEAST OF ST. ANTHONY - have been uploaded to the picture database.
Click to view the pictures.
I hope to write and post an article to this site about the celebration.
However, if you were at the picnic and would like to write the narrative, just let me know.