DOMENICA, 3 Febbraio, 2002. Passeggiata nei Prati D'Angro. Clicka qui.


I am saddened to report the following death.

Francesca Bianchi passed away Friday January 25 in Toronto, Canada. Francesca was born on March 18, 1925. Funeral mass will be at St. Thomas Aquinas Church on 640 Glenholme Avenue in Toronto at 10:00am tomorrow, Monday January 28. Entombment is at Holy Cross Cemetery. Our deepest symathies and prayers to family and friends.


I just uploaded pictures from today's mass in honour of S. Antonio Abate. Check the new Villavallelonga Photo Center under the pictures section or just click here.


I have created a new picture site and will be migrating all pictures to it, especially many of the photos people have sent me but which I have not yet uploaded for public viewing. The new picture site can be access here.

I have uploaded only 2 photo albums thus far, a set of pitcures from Antonio & Velia Ferrari (65th birthday party... and more pictures are on the way) and pictures of the St. Leucio Mass. There are about 170 pictures of the mass and hall taken on January 6 2002 at St. Matthews Church in Toronto. The St. Leucio committee thanks everyone who turned out for the mass.


The annual mass for St. Leucio will be held this Sunday, Jan/6/2002 at St. Matthews Church on Old West Road just south of Rogers Road in Toronto at 3:30. There will be plenty of refreshments after the mass in the basement hall, lots of juice, coffee & cookies. We hope to see you there!

Also, the mass for St. Anthony the Abbot will be held the following Sunday on Jan/13/2002 also at St. Matthews Church at 3:30.

The St Anthony Abbot Festa (an extension of La Panarda) will be held on Saturday January 5, 2002 at the La Gala Banquet Hall, Woodbridge, a night of dinner and dancing. You may still be able to purchase tickets, please contact Italo Bianchi at (416) 630-4252


I want to wish everyone a great Christmas this season. and Happy New Year!!
Thank you for all your support!


Added a report on the feasts in Villavalleonga on September 1,2,3 & 4. Thanks to Maria Ferrari for this writeup! Read all about it here.

Added a program of events written for the 4-fay festival in Italy and it written in Italian by Lamberto Coccia. Mille Grazie Lamberto! Read it here.

Added a picture of the Mayor of Villavallelonga, courtesy of Nancy Lippa. View the picture here. Thanks Nancy!