Don Gaetano Mass & Dinner - 2002

The mass was held on November 17 at St. Jane Francis church in Toronto. Key chains with a picture of Don Gaetano were being sold as soon as you entered the church. You could also buy calenders. The mass was wonderful and the preist did an outstanding job with the homily. The choir was also very good.

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After the mass, the was the dinner and dance. On the menu was:

At the dinner dance, was a raffle with over 40 prizes to be won! All proceeds go towards the Don Gaetano Building Fund.

The following were highlighted sponsors

Some of the other prizes were:

I had a great time that Sunday. The Don Gaetano Committee did an outstanding job and I congratulate them on a job well done. A SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED MASS AND ATTENDED THE DINNER. Thanks to all the sponsors!

Author: Sebastiano G. (John) Tantalo

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