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Marylake's Pipe Organ

The organ is rich in history and a rare antique

The history of the organ in the Marytake church is also very historical in nature and involves the Seagram Family of the distillery fame, the Eaton Family of the department store fame. The organ at Marylake is unique in that it is the melding of two famed instruments. Both organs are Aeolian-Skinner "Duo-Art" made in the same factory in the same year, 1928. One organ came from the Seagram Estate and another came from the Eaton Estate. Remarkably, they are unique in that they are successive opus and are two at only five known to exist in Canada.

Starting in 1968, the intricate task of combining the two organs was completed over five years by the painstaking volunteer services of Mr. Hany livingston, a scientist and electronic engineer, and Mr. Stewart Duncan, a retired organ company executive and organ builder. You can imagine the enormity of the task by considering that the finished project had over 3,050 pipes alone, not to mention the intricate console, electro-pneumatic, and wind supply work.

The bulk of the Seagram pipework was installed on the west side of the church forming the great and choir divisions, separately enclosed. On the opposite east side, some 60 feet away, the entire Eaton pipework, Swell, Great, and Pedal was installed in a single chamber, straddling the wall between the shrine and the side chapel with swell shutters opening onto both sides. The two manual Eaton consoles were installed in the side chapel. On the shrine console, the combined Eaton organ formed the Swell division of the three manual Seagram console.

After installation and the undertaking of several processes that induded the shuffling around of ranks of the organ, eliminating some duplication, incorporating ranks from other sources, constructing chambers, constructing an extensive wind supply system for numerous chest and pneumatic actions, and restoring the 1928 electro pneumatic action, the organ was combined and was played for the first time at midnight mass in 1973.

Ever since, Marylake has been blessed with the delicate, gentle, romantic, yet powerful sounds of a classic bone fide theatre organ of great heritage and descent.

Donations for the maintenance and repairs of this organ are always welcome. If you wish to help, please contact Marylake at (905) 833-5368.

I've kept an old flyer on this website where much of the above information above was copied from. The Knights of Columbus, Sacred Heart King City Council created this flyer when they had a funding raising drive for the Pipe Organ Restoration.
Click here to view it.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Vito De Simini so very much for playing the organ at Marylake. Vito did much to keep the organ in a playable condition and was one of the original driving forces in the restoration project. His is one of three names in the above noted flyer.Vito was always there to play the organ for us at two festivals that I help organize at Marylake; "The Festa Di Sant'Antonio" and "The Festa Di San Leucio".

Thank You for reading and God Bless, S.G. (John) Tantalo.


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