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Picture of Villavallelonga
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  1. La Storia Di Villavallelonga
  2. Memorie Dalla Rocca
  3. Rocca Di Cerro
  4. The Great Earthquake
  5. The Roman Empire
  6. World War I and II
  7. 14 Visits of Pope John Paul II
  8. Pictures of Distinction
    1. Festa di San Leucio 1969 courtesy of Giustinella Bianchi
      I am in the bottom right hand corner with the bow tie. YES, that's me, John Tantalo! and my friend Patrizio behind me.
    2. Vechie Glorie di Calcio di Villa courtesy of Antonio "Piola" Bianchi
    3. Toronto Villavallelonga Soccer Club - (dated 1972 or 1973) courtesy of Antonio "Piola" Bianchi
    4. La Banda courtesy of John Tantalo
    5. Lady's with Water Pots courtesy of Francesco Lippa
    6. La Festa - Sant' Antonio courtesy of Francesco Lippa
    7. Group of Seven (early 1900's) courtesy of Nora Lippa
    8. Blessing of the Church in Villavallelonga courtesty of Anna Lippa
    9. Group Picture courtesy of Anna Lippa
    10. Madonna Della Lanna - Tradizione Della Frittata courtesy of Angelo & Antonia Tantalo