Villavallelonga, an announcement made by a representative of the Vatican

November 12, 2001

Don Gaetano Tantalo, the heroic priest of La Marsica should be declared Blessed within 10 months to 1 year. The announcement was made yesterday afternoon in Villavallelonga by Don Aldo De Angelis. He was commemorating the death of Don Gaetano Tantalo on November 13, 1947. Don Aldo is vice "solicitor/postulator" for beatification cases brought forth to the Vatican. There were hundreds of the faithful from every part of Italy and 30 parishes of the Diocese of Avezzano accompanied its Bishop, Monsignor Lucio Renna. The representative of the Holy See described the miracle of a child from Turin whose parents asked for the intercession of Don Gaetano. The 12 year old child was on vacation in Sardinia where he was hit with an unexpected malady. According to Doctors, there was no hope the child would live. The parents were ready to consent the donation of the child's organs. But while in Hospital, the family from Piedmont met 2 spouses from Villavallelonga; the Marsican village where the relic of the heroic priest is conserved. The parents of the little child asked them to pray to Don Gaetano for help. In the morning, the child unexpectedly recovered. The medical team could not explain how the child was cured. From here, the Catholic Church became involved. The Marsican priest had already been declared Venerable by Pope John Paul II in 1985. The long awaited Beatification should take place in about 1 year. During World War II, Don Gaetano saved 2 Hebrew families from Nazi extermination camps and was a protagonist of other actions of love. "Don Gaetano represents a Pearl in the Marsican Clergy", says Bishop Renna. The celebration was held inside the church of Saint Nicola & Rocco at Villavallelonga. As well, on Sunday in Tagiacozze at 15:30, the associations of Don Gatenao of Villavallelonga and of Tagliacozo will get together.

Translated by Sebastiano G. (John) Tantalo